Monday, August 9, 2010

Update-August 9th, 2010

What a great date - 8-9-10! lol Yes, I am easily amused.

Been making some more progress on WF. I finally finished the skirt on this page and have moved on to her wings. I will have about 45 minutes most afternoons this week to sew while waiting for my daughter's bus, so I expect to get a lot more done. The wings are fun and work up quickly, partially because I'm so happy to be off that darned skirt for a while! I've also gotten some sewing done on my fourth bookmark, the ghost. I'll post a picture of that when it's completed.

I was getting a little concerned about the creases in my fabric from folding it between stitching times, so I got a mailing tube and am keeping it in there. The tube isn't quite as long as my fabric, though, but someone at the Yahoo cross stitch group recommended the simple solution of putting a plastic bag over the end. I had been keeping everything in a large canvas bag, but it was a lot more bag than stuff. Now that I have a different way to hold the fabric I've transferred all the rest to my handy-dandy DMC cross-stitch organizer. It holds all my floss, needles, patterns and other accoutrements, and is much neater. The tube with my fabric fits between the handles when I carry it.

Enough details, if you're here you probably want to see the update photo, so here it is.

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