Monday, September 2, 2013

End of August Update

I hope that all my American readers are enjoying their Labor Day weekend, and I think next weekend is Labor Day in Canada, so I wish the same to you.

Now that I'm sewing again, I want to post progress at the end of each month.  That will help keep me motivated to keep going.  I'm pleased with the amount of work I accomplished since my last post.  I've been stitching 15-20 minutes here and there on weekdays, and for an hour or two on weekends.  The weekend sewing is the best.  I take a chair out in the yard, sit with my feet in the grass, my face to the sun and stitch.  I like the connection to nature while I am out there.

As for other projects, I do have some ideas for more church banners, and I will be doing some rubber stamping for holiday cards.  Right now, though, my craftiness is aimed at finishing the Winter Fairy.  I'd like her to be ready for framing by Thanksgiving.  There isn't all that much cross-stitching left, but then there will be a lot of back-stitching to do.  I'm looking forward to getting to that point!