Monday, August 30, 2010

End of August update

I haven't updated for a while but I have a lot to show you. We had a very nice vacation in Vermont, although never as long as we'd like. It was rainy a lot of the time, and the light wasn't good for my WF project so I finished bookmark #4 instead. I hope some child at St. Jude's will enjoy this little ghost. Of course, once we got home it turned sunny and hot again. Before I got back into cross-stitching, though, I made some cute rice bags for all my college girls - I have 5 this year. The bags will be nice for them at "that time of the month". Meghan and Tracy picked out the fabric and I think the other girls will like it. We got Meghan safely back to college and then I settled in for some stitching time on Winter Fairy. In spite of having to do some frogging, I finished a wing and got most of WF's lovely shoulder done. Ahhhh! Wish we had, say, another week of vacation so I could sew a lot more! Oh well, back to work this week and then we'll have a 3-day weekend for Labor Day.

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  1. Really nice stitching glad to see you back!

    Mary in IN