Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Christ is Risen!! Allelujah!!!

I just couldn't stop thinking about the idea I had for an Easter banner, so I gave in and made it. We had a half day at work on Friday so I started on it when I got home. Yes, I mean Good Friday. Nothing like the last minute, eh? I worked on it until time for church that night, got most of it measured and cut out. Saturday morning we went to the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit (which is really neat), then I spent the rest of the day - except for grocery shopping, and making dinner - putting it together. I joked with my hubby that I'd have it done in time for bed. Haha, it turned out to be true. I finished it at 10:30 Saturday night. This morning I gave it a quick press and we took it over to church to hang before anyone else was there. I'm very pleased with how it came out, and the reception at church was very enthusiastic. Here are a picture of my original idea and a picture of the finished banner. It's all felt except for the orange part - I saw this shimmery, sheer fabric and thought it would be the perfect way to add a little extra interest. This is it for banners. My next post will be a cross stitch update.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Many years ago, a group of women at my church decided to do new cushions for the kneelers used for communion. Designs were chosen and I was one of the volunteers to stitch. The cross in the center and the lambs on each end are the same on all kneelers; the other two represent a season of the church year. I asked to do the Christmas one because the Christmas rose is so pretty. It's all done in needlepoint and measures about 5' long by 1' deep. It took me a year to complete, during which time I posted to my first base (I had recently joined the USAF), and met and married my husband. 30+ years later we are living in my home town and from time to time I still go to services at my old church. I'm delighted to see the kneelers still being used and still in pristine condition. So, now that I have my digital camera, I've taken pictures of 'my' kneeler.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fourth Banner done!

I'm very pleased to say that the fourth and final Lenten banner is completed. I had the basic part done - the background, top and cross. June came over last night and we worked for quite a while on creating a crown of thorns. She'd found a small grapevine at the craft store and thought it would be great to have a 3-D one insted of just felt. I must admit, it is not what I had in mind. That said, I specifically did not want this to be "my project" and I was happy to have her take the lead on this banner. After much experimenting, we came up with the finished product. The 'crown' is attached with wire that was wrapped around one end, poked through the felt, run along the back and brought up through to wrap around the other end. It didn't stand out enough (visually) from the rest of the banner, so we put a bit of white felt behind it to let it show. Finally, we added another small piece of wire to hold the bottom of the grapevine down too. The pictures don't really do it justice, but I think they will give you the idea.

I've enjoyed working on these. They were a stretch of my crafting skills and creativity, but more than that, they are a way to remind me - and others - of Christ's sacrifice and to thank God for it. Now that they are completed, I am looking forward to getting more cross-stitching done!

Although, there is that idea I have for the Easter banner...