Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stitch Tubes

I don't know about you, but where I go my cross-stitch goes. I take WF for the times when I know I'll have at least 20 minutes of waiting time somewhere. When it may be a "catch a few minutes here and there", I take a smaller project. When the fabric is too large to fit in my travel cases (I love my DMC travel cases!) I bought a couple of mailing tubes. I can roll up the fabric and put it inside, so there are no creases and it is fully protected. But I realized that plain white tubes are boring and that just won't do. So I got out the ol' Mod Podge, snagged a bunch of paper from my rubber stamping supplies and got to work. I'm very pleased with the results. A bonus of the Mod Podge is an extra layer of protection - it's fairly water resistant because you put a layer across the top of everything. A minus is the smell - the tubes needed a lot of airing out before I put the fabric back in. I don't want my finished pieces to smell! Here's a picture of the medium tube. I don't have a picture of the large tube at the moment.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August??? Really??

Wow, how did August get here so fast? Seems like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the 4th of July. Well, because it is the first of August, here is my monthly stitching update. As you can see from the picture, I got a lot done on Winter Fairy in July. The bunny is all done, as is the snow around him, and I added quite a bit to WF's skirt. I made such good progress because I am currently carpooling with my daughter. She is a counselor at a Girl Scout day camp and also a bus aide, so I drop her off at the first pickup stop in the morning and then pick her up at the last dropoff in the evening. I go there straight from work, and most days I have 30-50 minutes of waiting time. Part of it I spend very happily in the library next to the parking lot. But most of the time I stitch. So, instead of maybe an hour or two on the weekend, I am getting several hours of stitching done per week. Yea! I am enjoying the extra time while it lasts. I had hoped to finish page 2 by the end of July, but didn't quite make it. I will certainly finish it and start page three this month. We'll be going to visit the in-laws in Vermont for several days, and aside from having a nice visit with them, I will have lots of sewing time. Once, I finish stitching page two I will add the backstitching. It is so fun to see all the extra detail pop out then!

Hope you all have a wonderful month of August!