Friday, July 16, 2010

Bookmark #3 done!

I haven't stitched on my Winter Fairy since the 4th of July weekend. Last weekend was taken up with: Taste of Buffalo on Saturday morning and attending a high school graduation party Saturday afternoon; church on Sunday morning and then Sunday afternoon we went to see The A-Team movie, which is a perfect summer movie - fun, lots of action and just enough plot to keep going. Anyway, add in little things like grocery shopping and laundry and that was the weekend.

During the week, however, I had plenty of stitching time while waiting to pick up my daughter and her friend from the camp bus. They're counselors at a Girl Scout day camp and also bus aides so I drop them off at the bus in the morning and collect them in the afternoon. This week I averaged about 45 minutes of sewing time in the afternoons, and gleefully completed my elephant bookmark. I like him so much I know I'll do the pattern again sometime. I changed the headdress colors and added the backstitching because he didn't stand out well enough against the white plastic. I'd love to do him as an ornament or hanging sometime and do the headdress in beads. So, here is a picture of the fine fellow. I haven't decided on finishing yet. I may leave it in a rectangle or I may cut out the outline.

EDIT: This pattern came from an issue of the Australian magazine, Cross-Stitch & Beading. They show how to do every piece in both cross-stitch and beading, with charts and photos of both. It's a bit expensive, but has really wonderful patterns of all sorts. I do all my Christmas ornaments from them.

I've already chosen my next bookmark and set up the kit. It's a fairly simple ghost but I'm tweaking it a bit. I'll post a pic when it's done.


  1. I love this bookmark. Where did you find the pattern? My baby boy turns on the 26th and he adores elephants.

  2. Very nice! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Lovely Celia, beautiful finish