Monday, March 29, 2010

Update 3-28-10

Things have been rather overwhelming here lately and I am glad to say they are settling down a bit. I have gotten the tiniest bit of a start on a new bookmark - only about a dozen stitches, but it's a start. Yesterday I managed to stop myself rushing around and sat down for about an hour's stitching on WF before dinner. There's really not enough progress on her or the bookmark to photograph yet, but I will post pictures soon. I'm happy to be stitching again; I find it calms my mind and refreshes me (at least, when I'm not making mistakes!).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter Fairy update 3-10-10

Work has been progressing slowly on WF. Most of our free time, such as it is, is being spent cleaning out my parents' home, as the sale closes in less than 2 weeks. Once that strain is over I should be able to spend more than an hour a week on stitching. Right now I'm lucky to manage that much.

Here's a current photo. The lighting's not the best because I took it tonight instead of in daylight, but you can see what's done. I've done more of the sash and started on her gloved arm. It's kind of exciting to reach a different section.

Why, yes, I am doing just about nything to put off more white stitching. I promise - I will get to the skirt again -- sometime...