Tuesday, December 4, 2012

End of November WF update

I did it!  I managed to finish page 3 of Winter Fairy!  Well, there is back-stitching to complete, but all the cross-stitching is done.  The further I get with her, the more excited I am about how lovely she is.  I think it'll be another day or two of backstitching, and then I will be able to start on the fourth and final page. There will be a lot of finishing to do once I get the cross-stitching done - not only will I have the backstitching for page 4, I will finally be able to backstitch the wings and add all the beading.  I'm putting off the wings because they're backstitched with metallic thread and I think it would get damaged when I roll my project to store it.  Same idea with the beading - I don't think it would roll up very well.

I am taking some vacation time around Christmas and I hope to make a lot of progress then.  We'll see how that goes, with hubby off and Meg home from college as well.  I will post again sometime around New Year's, so in the meantime, may you have a blessed holiday season.

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