Monday, October 29, 2012

Winter Fairy update October 2012

Well, here we are at the end of October already.  Halloween is upon us - and, unfortunately, so is Hurricane Sandy. I hope all of you out there in her path will stay safe in the next several days.  We are at the edges of her proposed path, so not expecting the severe damage of the coast.  We are, however, already experiencing weather from the storm out of the west.  It's been raining since Friday night and is due to continue through Wednesday at least (I'm posting this on Monday).  Our fear here is that the saturated ground combined with expected high winds will bring down trees and cause power outages.  Flashlights, batteries and generators at the ready!

Meanwhile, I am stitching along and very pleased with the amount I've accomplished on Winter Fairy this past month, especially considering the time I took out to make the Reformation Banner.  (The banner made its debut at church on Sunday and was very well received.)  I am more than half way through page 3 of 4 on WF, which is exciting for me.  Since, for reasons I won't go into here (I'm still very annoyed about it), I do not need to make a gift tag for our office gift exchange, I will have time to keep working on her.  It would be wonderful to be on the last page by the end of the year!  This month's picture is slightly darker, but I like it because it shows a little bit of glitter from the gold thread in her dress.

I probably won't post till after Thanksgiving, so let me wish you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

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