Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WF Update-2-21-10

Progress is slow on my WF, but every bit is exciting as a new curve is revealed or a new section completed. Working on the white and ultra-pale blue remains a challenge. I can only manage small sections at a time, preferably after I've stitched the surrounding colors. "Next time" I will either choose a darker fabric for more contrast or a figure who isn't wearing white! At any rate, here is what she looks like now.

After getting this issue of Cross-Stitch Collection in the bookstore, I was so impressed with it that I subscribed to the magazine. My first issue arrived in the mail Saturday, and the cover is graced by another beautiful pattern from the same artist. WF was the last in a series of seasonal fairies. Now the artist is creating elementals. Water is the first and she is exquisite. She shares many of the same blues and purples as the WF. The next one due out is Fire, and I'm agog to see her (or perhaps him??). I really need to win the lottery so I can quit working and have enough time and money to stitch all of these lovelies!

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