Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of August post

Time for my monthly update. I did not get as much done on WF in August as I had hoped. I didn't quite finish page 2. First of all, the day before we left for Vermont I realized I'd made an error and needed to frog about a hundred stitches. ARGH! I took a smaller, more portable pattern to work on while we were visiting and then got back to work on WF when we got home. I will be alternating working on her with the smaller project week to week now. The smaller one is a Christmas gift, so I will not post any pictures of it till it's in the recipient's fair hands. So, folks, here is the picture of where we are at the moment. I'm also including a picture of the large tube I decorated, that protects WF when I'm not struggling along with her. Note the little froggies? I thought they seemed appropriate.


  1. WF looks great, I cant wait to see how she comes along

  2. She looks wonderful, and I can't wait to see the Christmas gift as well